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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Printing webpages from browsers

Every browser supports displaying print preview and printing of webpages. Different browsers follow different strategy. You can print the content of the whole webpage from Mozilla Firefox and IE 7.0 but from IE 6.0/5.5 you sometimes can not. When you see the print preview of a page from IE 7.0 and Firefox and you click zoom in or out then the content of the page is zoomed,not the page. So you can fit the whole content in a page. For example suppose when you see the print preview of a webpage it shows your webpage is of 7 pages(paper). If you zoom in then the page count will increase and if you zoom out then it will decrease. So you can print any webpage as your choice.

But in IE 6.0 the page content is not zoomed rather the page is zoomed. So you will see that in the right side of the page your page content is truncated and you have no way to print it from the browser. There is one simple way to print it. Just copy the content of the whole webpage in MS Word and then print it. The content is truncated when you use frames or tables in your webpage.


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